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The Final Solution to the OE Generator charging problems



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The Gener-Nator is created by taking the field case housing from the original generator and removing all the internal and external parts. Then the alternator sub-component assembly is installed into the field case shell.

The Gener-Nator DOES NOT HAVE AN ALTERNATOR MACHINED DOWN AND STUFFED INSIDE   It is however a very sophisticated piece of electrical artwork.

The main parts of the alternator sub-component assembly are a rotor, stator, rectifier, and electronic voltage regulator.   When installed inside the original generator case, it takes on the appearance of an original generator.  Actually, it is a fully operational alternator that fits with precise tolerances and is assembled in a truly concentric method to allow a smooth and reliable charging performance at any RPM.

All Gener-Nators are assembled with brand new high quality parts and stainless steel hardware.  The outward measurements of the Gener-Nator are all of original equipment (OE) standards thus allowing the complete assembly to be mounted on the original brackets designed for the original generator because after all it is the original Generator converted to an Alternator.  New operational circuits for the Gener-Nator  can utilize the original existing wires with a little change in the hookup.   It is a very easy change over.

The premium features of the Gener-Nator  are that it will maintain and keep the battery in a fully charged state; provide the power you need  for all your accessories as well as the ones you add on; control the voltage for optimum performance and, allow you to enjoy your driving experience in the manner you deserve.

Each Gener-Nator is assembled on an individual basis under strict guidelines and triple tested before being shipped.  The Gener-Nator is NOT an alternator machined down and then stuffed inside a generator case.  It is, however, a very sophisticated piece of electrical artwork designed for the discerning motorist who wants to keep the class in their classic ride.

There is a definite pride of ownership with the Gener-Nator because it has quality, performance and style.  Best of all, when you look under the hood, you see a generator not an alternator.

Here, at Gener-Nator ,  our motto is " Happiness is an engine that starts ".





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