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The Final Solution to the OE Generator charging problems

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Hello, I'm Don Allen. I am the Inventor, Designer and Manufacturer of the Gener-Nator. I have been in the Starter, Alternator and Generator field for over 40 years and I specialize in custom remanufacturing and change over design.

The decision to develop the Gener-Nator stemmed from my experience with the increased failure rate of the OE { Original Equipment } Generator and External Voltage Regulator when saddled with the demands of more modern automotive electrical applications, or even the original system it was designed for.   Additionally I had many requests from street rodders and purists for more power from the generating system, without having to mount an Alternator and take away that nostalgic look.

The Gener-Nator  is available with different capabilities:  6 Volts - 50 AMPS, 12 VOLTS - 60 AMPS  and  24 VOLTS - 40 AMPS.   Also as Negative or Positive Ground.  All Gener-Nator's  can provide generally 2 times more power than the original Generator.  It also enables the addition of accessories such as Stereo, Lights, Fans, AC, etc.  It maintains a steady and constant volt level so you don't get the dreaded dim headlights at idle as you do with conventional Generators.  Because the Gener-Nator has a built-in Electronic Voltage Regulator, it eliminates the problems associated with OE type coil operated external Voltage Regulators.

The Gener-Nator looks and mounts the same as the original Generator because it is the original Generator  (converted internally to an Alternator ) .

Having a Gener-Nator attached to your engine is like the cherry on the sundae or a bow on a present, because it's the perfect way to blend the classic look with new age capabilities.  The addition of a Gener-Nator does not change the original appearance, which would be the case if you added a conventional Alternator.

Thus the Gener-Nator was born, a simple one step application to replace the Generator system with an all Alternator type system capable of meeting the high demands of today's electrical components.

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