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Please read through some of the testimonials from Gener-Nator owners posted below. If you are already a Gener-Nator  owner and would like to share your thoughts with other prospective owners please email mailto:genernator@gmail.com .

Don Allen

Steve writes about his Jaguar E-type roadster;


Hi Don,

it's been working great on my 64 Jaguar E-type roadster

Randy from California writes about his Cadillacs,



I have to tell you that they really work excellent and have yet to leave me in need of a jump start that frequently the generators do. Even my wife is willing to go on a short trip where before she was worried about being stranded. I am happy to recommend products and services that perform as advertised. Unfortunately these days that is becoming more the exception than the rule.



Mario in Switzerland writes about his Cord;


 I made a longer trip with the Cord (with the Gener-Nator installed). First we drove to the wedding of my nephew in the southern part of Switzerland (so the Cord had to go over the Gotthard pass of 6946ft two times). There the Cord was used as wedding car. Then on Sunday we were on a classic car tour.   I think that is pretty good and shows very clearly that the Gener-Nator works well (during the trip I had the Radiator-E-fan several times on and the driving lights)! So I am very happy with your product and I am glad that I replaced the original generator and regulator


Best Regards


Bill  in Texas writes about his Studebaker, 


The experience has been great.  I will get some pictures taken and sent to you.  Can't do from the office email.  Am working on the truck some now and will probably do in the fall.  It's starting to get hot here in Texas.

Kindest regards,


Jim in Oregon writes about his Buick,


The Gener-Nator has worked great, absolutely no issues at all. When I show the car and people point at what they think is a generator and ask have I had problems with the generator I tell them it is actually an alternator conversion they don't believe me. Two years ago we had the car at the Buick Nationals in Bellevue, WA. and we were displaying only but were in the row of all 55 Buicks and everyone was admiring each others cars and they couldn't believe it wasn't a stock generator.


Thanks Jim

Tom in Texas writes about his Packard,


My experience has been great.  I am thinking of having you build me another Gener-Nator for my other 53 Packard Caribbean on which I will retain the original 6 volt system.  I canít send photos now but will do so later.  Currently my Caribbean on which I have installed the Gener-Nator is at the restoration shop for some final adjustments.  


Thanks again.  Tom

John in New York writes about his Dodge,


 The Gener-Nator on my 1933 Dodge is everything I expected, and more. Because of the high output and superior regulation, my battery recharges quickly after starting, and then slows to a one amp charge rate, so I no  longer have to add water during an entire summer driving season.   My 35 watt halogen headlight bulbs light up the highway very well at night, and no longer dim out when I apply the brakes. In addition, I have  added the fog lights I always wanted  and, just yesterday, I finished the installation of turn signals and hazard flashers. The tail lights are also brighter as well, so I have no fear of anyone not seeing me from the rear at night.

  Thanks again

Santiago in Florida writes about his Impala & Cadillacs,

Many thanks Don.

Iím absolutely satisfied with my Gener-nators. Next restoration will look for another one, no doubt at all.

Sincerely,  Santiago

Dale in Washington writes about his Buick,


It is working well. I am very pleased. I have added an electric fan motor for cooling and the Gener-Nator is handling it well. Working as expected.


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