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Most Gener-Nators are under $1000 shipped to continental USA

We ask that all orders for the Gener-Nator  are completed over the phone in direct communication with us. This will enable us to insure that you get the exact Gener-Nator you need. However if this is not practical for you then we can do it by Email.

This added precaution is done to ensure that not only do you get the Gener-Nator model you ordered originally but that we also get firsthand information from you of your exact address to minimize the chance of your shipment being sent to another address. All of your orders of the Gener-Nator  product will be shipped straight to your own doorstep by respected global couriers and is covered by shipping insurance so there is no need to worry about non-delivery. Best of all, we also do not have any sales taxes on our transactions. The Gener-Nator is available on an exchange basis , however, in some cases, it may be purchased ""Outright"" (without a core exchange).".


GThe Generator Upgrades

The  Generator  Upgrade  is when we change the internal components of  the Generator ( usually to about double the Amps ) and convert the Original Voltage Regulator  to All Electronic.

In the event your Generator does not have an External Voltage Regulator mated to it, then we create one for it.

If your Generator has a Cutout attached, then it will act as a pass thru circuit for the Charging system and also is there for  the Original look.

Lead time or Turn around time for  order completion is generally  5 to 7 weeks, with payment due at time of shipping back to you.

{Lead time},= is if we have cores to use for your order.

{Turn around time},= is after we receive your cores for processing.

Some Generator Upgrades will cost more and take a bit longer than 7 weeks.

We offer   6 , 12 ,  and  24  Volt  with  Positive  or  Negative  Ground.

     6 Volt Positive Ground must use OE type Voltage Regulator


Below I have provided you with photos of  some  finished Generators
Upgraded Generators.


Chevy with Power Steering  Very Early Chrysler Mercedes Ford Tractor \
Buick Aston Martin Alfa Romeo\ 1936 Pierce-Arrow \
Corvette Ferriari VW Beetle 1930 Cadillac
1936 Lincoln      



Below I have provided you with photos of  some  finished Starters

We Also do Starters

Chevy High Torque Starter
1931 Studebaker Starter 728C Austin
Chevy High Torque Starter
Ford High Torque Starter Hudson
Mercedes Starter Porsche Starter
    1938 Bentley Starter  

No Taxes For Anyone Anywhere

Cores that have stripped out adjusting holes are not a problem.  New threads will be installed at no additional cost.

If the frames on the core are damaged or broken,  they can be replaced in many cases at an additional cost which will not exceed the full cost of the core itself.  Core costs are regulated by each core on an individual basis.

The Gener-Nator comes in a stock semi gloss black color for steel.  Aluminum frames will not be painted unless customer requests painting.  We also have a host of other heat resistant color finishes for you to choose from free of charge.  For an additional cost ($130.00 in most cases), we will powder coat your Gener-Nator .  If you want your Gener-Nator  powder coated, please discuss this at the time you place your order.

The Gener-Nator is precision made with the closest tolerances possible. The internal components are made from billet aluminum and high grade steel with precise machining done on a CNC.

The Gener-Nator has been field tested under methods that far exceed the normal demands of the automobile in the most extreme hot or cold conditions. We are confident the Gener-Nator will provide you with many years and many miles of trouble free operation.

We provide you with a 3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty with every Gener-Nator  sold.







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            Please  call  or  Email  for  prices  and  delivery  time.  


Email: genernator@gmail.com 



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