GENer-Nator Inquiry or Order Form


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We want to recommend the best possible solution for your application. Please answer as many of the questions below as possible. If you don’t know the information being asked, that is okay, simply proceed on to the next question, and we will contact you for any clarifications or additional information we may need. Please rest assured that you are under no obligation to make any purchase.

Once we have reviewed your information, and gathered any additional information we might require, We will provide you with our written recommendation, for the best possible generator upgrade solution for your specific application, to include all of the associated cost involved for your review and consideration.

That way you are armed with all the information you will need to make a decision, without any concerns about fine print or hidden cost.

If after reviewing our written recommendation, you agree that it is the right solution for you should you decide to have us manufacture your solution. If after review you would like to place an order we will be happy to assist you in completing your purchase at that time.